Organization of ESCP

The Society is conducted by a General Committee consisting of 10 members maximum. General Committee members are elected by the members.

The General Committee elects the Executive Committee, which implements the resolutions passed by the General Committee and by the General Assembly. The Executive Committee is composed of the President, Past-President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

ESCP knows 4 committees: the Research Committee, the Education Committee, the SIG- council (the chairs of the SIG’s) and the Communication Committee (together: RESC). Those committees are in charge of the co-ordination of educational activities and take care of the scientific level of these activities. They also participate in the elaboration of the scientific programs of all ESCP events


The Society has an International Office which co-ordinates the total operations of the Society, administers the activities of the Society and implements new policies and strategies.


During its Annual Symposium ESCP holds a General Assembly for all members and patrons of the Society.