General Assembly, 8 December 2021

ESCP (Student) members are cordially invited to join the General Assembly which will be held on Wednesday, 8 December 2021,  online via a Zoom meeting.


According to the constitution, the General Committee is convening the General assembly by a written notice sent to the addresses of the members. This is done by email. In the notice of the assembly the items to be discussed shall be stated, without prejudice to the provisions of article 26. Article 26 states:

Article 26 - Alteration of the regulations

In the regulations of the Society no alteration can be made in any other manner than by a resolution of the General Assembly in the notice of which it was announced that alterations of the regulations were to be proposed at that assembly.

Those who have sent the notices of the General Assembly which is to discuss a proposal for an alteration of the regulations must, at least five days before the assembly, deposit a copy of that proposal, which contains word for word the alteration suggested, in a suitable place for inspection by the members till after the end of the day on which the meeting is held. Besides, a copy as mentioned above shall be send to all members. Further, the proposal must have been notified to the committees of the national sections at least fourteen days before the assembly.

A resolution to alter the regulations can only be passed by a majority of at least two thirds of the valid votes cast at an assembly or by postal vote.

An alteration of the regulations shall not enter into force until a notarial deed has been drawn up of it. Each member of the General Committee is entitled to execute the deed.

In practice this means a proposal can be sent to the International Office by email ([email protected]) until 3 December 2021 23:59.

The agenda and attached documents are available via download links on this webpage.The Financial report 2020 is available on request via the contact form on this webpage. This is to ensure the confidentiality of the financial situation of the Society. 

The link to the webinar has been removed. 

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Update 2021-12-02: Reports from Education Committee and Communication Committee will follow shortly
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