Welcome from the Chair of the Scientific Committee

Dear Colleagues,

We are proud to invite you to join the Spring Workshop of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy in Antwerp, Belgium, from 20-21 April 2023.

This Spring Workshop will focus on diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Frequently encountered in our daily clinical pharmacy activity, diabetes affects more than 400 million people worldwide, presenting particular and recent new challenges for pharmaceutical care. During the last decade, the pharmacotherapeutic options to manage diabetes have greatly expanded, offering new perspectives for patients. In addition, new indications for antidiabetic medications have emerged. Technologies for patient monitoring have also evolved with the introduction, among others, of continuous glucose monitors, smart insulin pens, telemedicine etc.

In primary and secondary care, the physician-pharmacist collaborative model has been shown to be efficacious for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The expertise of the pharmacist at the initiation of the treatment and during follow-up is an added value to care. Within interprofessional collaboration, the expertise of clinical pharmacists is essential to decide the best possible option treatment, titrate the medications, develop the monitoring plan, and consider deprescribing when required. Multimorbidity often brings complexity to the treatments and in those cases, medication review is particularly useful. Pharmacists educate patients towards self-management and address barriers to non-adherence with lifestyle and pharmacologic interventions. Partnerships are developed with patients, helping them to deal with specific needs all lifelong, from children to aged patients. Models of pharmacy technician input to patient care are also emerging.

With the recent developments in the pharmacologic management of both diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, the burden of comorbidities and polypharmacy, this ESCP workshop will help navigate new models of care and provide updates and networking opportunities to all wishing to remain a top of innovation in advanced pharmaceutical care.

The ESCP Workshop in Antwerp is an excellent opportunity to enjoy discussions with specialists and share experience with others from all around Europe, in one of the finest cities in Belgium.

Looking forward to meeting you in Antwerp, Belgium, in April 2023,

Prof Olivia Dalleur

Chair Scientific Committee

Committees and Committee Members

Organising Committee

Siska Desplenter (Chair), Belgium
Pieter Goossens, Belgium
Silas Rydant, Belgium
Anita de Smet (ESCP International Office), Netherlands
Derek Stewart (ESCP President), Qatar
Edwin van Aalten (ESCP International Office), Netherlands


Scientific Committee

Olivia Dalleur (Chair), Belgium
Sule Apikoglu, Turkey
Annemie Somers, Belgium
Stephane Steurbaut, Belgium
Thomas Kempen, Netherlands