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Call for new members of the Research Committee

15 December 2021 -

ESCP is an international leader in advancing quality and innovation in clinical pharmacy education, practice and research. The Research Committee of the ESCP aims to contribute to ESCP vision by advancing knowledge through clinical pharmacy research and innovations. It proposes to achieve this aim by offering a platform for researchers to present their research, support researcher development through trainings, workshops and webinars offered in the annual symposium or through research training materials uploaded on the website; offering a wider network of clinical pharmacists and international researchers; and by conducting research in topical areas pertaining to clinical pharmacy in Europe.

We are now seeking new members to work as part of this exciting committee and help ESCP in achieving its vision.

Who can apply? You need to be a member of ESCP, have an interest in clinical pharmacy and research.

Do I need to have any specific research skills? Both early career and experienced researchers are welcome. Early career researchers are expected to have some experience of conducting independent research as part of their postgraduate/research degree or funded research.  

What would be expected of me?  You would be a member of the committee for four years and be expected to participate in online committee meetings which take place every month. The Research Committee has defined activities and you will be expected to lead on some and support other activities. These include but not limited to reviewing research abstracts for ESCP symposium and meetings and writing research support materials. You are also expected to attend an annual face-to-face meeting which takes place during the annual symposium in October.

Are there any benefits? As a member the Research Committee, you will have the opportunity to influence ESCP in delivering on the mission and achieving the vision. Experience of reviewing abstracts and conference papers and there will also be opportunity to take part in research that ESCP organizes.

This is a great opportunity……. DON’T MISS IT!

How do I apply? You should send a short CV (limited to two pages), giving details of your educational level, professional experience and any research experience to the International Office, Also include a short statement (no more than 300 words) of why you want to become a member of the Research Committee.


What is the deadline? The call will close on 15 January 2022.

If you are successful, you will be invited to join our next Research Committee meeting.

Who can I contact for more information? Please contact Dr Vibhu Paudyal, Chair of the Research Committee, v.paudyal@bham.ac.uk

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