The ESCP research committee aims to provide guidelines and educational materials to support ESCP members in research.

There are nine members of the Research Committee, one of whom is a representative of the ESCP General Committee. Members serve in the Research Committee for four years; continuation of office years must be approved annually by the group and is subjected to the General Committee’s approval.

Review Committee members provide expertise on topics under discussion.
Another task of the Research Committee is to lead the review of abstracts submitted for the spring workshop and October symposium. There is a transparent standard operating procedure to guide abstract review.

An ESCP Research Masterclass is normally scheduled for the day prior to the October symposium and is led by member(s) of the Research Committee (involving others where appropriate).

In addition, there is potential for the Research Committee to deliver a research focused workshop during the October symposium.

The Research Committee has a leading role in assigning the Research Grant for which members can submit an application.

The Research Committee currently has the following members: