To facilitate the vibrant community of the ESCP, the ESCP works with so called Special Interest Groups (SIGs). A SIG is a community of active ESCP members that have made it their mission to propagate a certain aspect of clinical pharmacy. The SIG members determine together how to propagate this aspect. Examples include: writing a scientific paper, collecting best-practices across Europe, hosting international journal clubs, creating educational material, etcetera. A SIG comprises of active members that all have a hand in working towards objectives which are of value for the ESCP community as a whole.

ESCP members can propose SIGs, be involved in leading SIGs and be members of SIGs. Each SIG is led by a steering group of 3-6 members who take responsibility for its operation. While there is no set format for the SIG, the activities are likely to involve webinars, journal clubs, discussions, defined projects etc.

Currently, there are three active SIGs:

  • Deprescribing (Steering group: Stephen Byrne, Betul Okuyan, Daniela Fialova and Monika Lutters; please contact at
  • Mental health (Steering group: Matej Stuhec, Ivana Taskova, Carina Hohmann and Martina Hahn; please contact at
  • Young ESCP (Steering group: Mina Kovacevic, Marcel Rainer and Natalia Hromnikova; please contact at

Watch the interview with Derek Stewart, ESCP President, about Special Interest Groups within ESCP here.

ESCP members can become member of a SIG if they are willing to actively contribute. Want to join right away? Login on the website and click on the appropriate application form in the menu on the right side.

Missing an important topic for a SIG? Members can also suggest new SIGs by completing the template in the Members Only section.

Get involved and see what you can contribute.

Bart Pouls of The Netherlands is the Chair of the SIG Council, which represents all SIGs and reports to the ESCP General Committee.

SIG members can access notes of meetings, recordings, publications etc. in the Members Only section .