During 2020-2021, ESCP undertook a review of its Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These were relaunched at the 2021 symposium, with a new direction and greater focus on the needs of members.

SIGs comprise members with a passion for a specific topic of interest, with a clear link to clinical pharmacy, and the vision and mission of ESCP. One important factor is that each SIG must be active and be working towards objectives which are of value for the ESCP community.

ESCP members can propose SIGs, be involved in leading SIGs and be members of SIGs. Each SIG is led by a steering group of 3-6 members who take responsibility for its operation. While there is no set format for the SIG, the activities are likely to involve webinars, journal clubs, discussions, defined projects etc.

Get involved and see what you can contribute.

Bart Pouls of The Netherlands is the Chair of the SIG Council, which represents all SIGs and reports to the ESCP General Committee.

SIG members can access notes of meetings, recordings, publications etc. in the Members Only section .

The first SIG to be launched was Deprescribing. 

The members of the Deprescribing SIG Steering Group are

Associate Professor Danieala Fialova, Czech Republic

Dr Monika Lutters, Switzerland

Associate Professor Betul Okuyan, Turkey
Professor Stephen Byrne, Ireland

In March of this year, a panel discussion on, “Barriers and Facilitators to Achieving the Goal of Deprescribing” was held by Barbara Farrell (Canada), Denis O’Mahony (Ireland) and Mirko Petrovic (Belgium).

A workshop of Deprescribing in Neurological Disorders was moderated by Monika Lutters at the ESCP Spring Workshop in April. 

Plans for the remainder of 2022 are

  • Workshops and networking activities during the ESCP Autumn Symposium- 19-21 October 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic. The theme of the symposium is “Polypharmacy and ageing- highly individualized, interprofessional, patient-centred care”.
  • Planning to organize Global Journal Club: Discussing case studies with the The Australian Deprescribing Network (ADeN), Canadian Deprescribing Network, the US Deprescribing Research Network (USDeN).
  • Webinars
  • Research studies    
  • Further collaborations with the ESCP research and education committee

For further information, contact [email protected]

The following SIGs are in development and will launch later this year

  • Mental health
  • Young ESCP

As members renew their membership, they are given the opportunity to join any of the SIGs

They can also join the SIG by completing the application form in the web store

Members can also suggest new SIGs by completing the template in the Members’ Only section.

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