ESCP is a not-for-profit association managed by active volunteer members. The committees are responsible for ensuring that the Society delivers value to its members and that its activities are dedicated to the core purpose of the organization.

General Committee is the leadership committee, with all committee members elected by the ESCP members. The ESCP President is Chair of the General Committee. The Executive Committee of the General Committee comprises the President, Vice President, Past President, Treasurer and Secretary.

The General Committee is supported by working committees, with specific responsibilities. These committees are

Communication Committee

– Education Committee

– Research Committee

– Special Interest Groups (SIG) Council

The International Office comprises the ESCP Director and Deputy Director.

All ESCP members are given the opportunity to influence decisions and approve actions during the annual General Assembly, which is the ultimate decision-making body of ESCP.

The managing structure and governance of the Society is explained below.

The ESCP constitution can be accessed below

Strategic plan

The ESCP strategic plan for 2022-2024 was launched at the General Assembly meeting in December 2021. The three strategic goals are:

  1. Increase the global membership of the society amongst pharmacists, pharmacy academics, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy students, other healthcare professionals, educators and scientists, aligned with the ESCP vision and mission.
  2. Expand the portfolio of high quality practice, education and research products meeting the needs of ESCP members and non-members, advancing global clinical pharmacy 
  3. Ensure the financial stability of ESCP in the medium to long term

There are several initiatives associated with these strategic goals, which are being actioned and monitored. While the ESCP committees are responsible for delivering these goals, each ESCP member plays an important part.

ESCP President

The current ESCP President is Professor Derek Stewart. He is an academic pharmacist, originally from Scotland, he now holds the position of Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Practice at Qatar University. He is also the Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and is an Internationally renowned educator and researcher.

ESCP Past Presidents are:

2017-2019Bart van den Bemt The Netherlands
2016-2017Olivier Bourdon France
2014-2016Markus Lampert Switzerland
2012-2014Siska Desplenter Belgium
2010-2012Cecilia Bernsten Sweden
2008-2010Frank Jorgensen Norway 
2006-2008Gert Laekeman Belgium 
2004-2006Jiri Vlcek Czech Republic
2002-2004Jacqueline Grassin Canada
2000-2002Yechiel Hekster The Netherlands
1998-2000Giovanna Scroccaro Italy
1996-1998Georges Zelger Switzerland
1994-1996Ruud Dessing The Netherlands
1992-1994Gerhard Carstens Germany
1990-1992Jean Pierre Delporte Belgium
1988-1990Adrian Shafford United Kingdom
1985-1987Aranda da Silva Portugal
 1983-1985Gilles Aulagner France
 1981-1983Joaquim Bonal Spain
1979-1981Eppo van der Kleijn The Netherlands

ESCP Fellows

ESCP Fellow is the highest level of recognition which can be awarded to an ESCP member. It is awarded in recognition of the outstanding contributions to the advancement of clinical pharmacy in general and in Europe in particular, as well as service to ESCP. Each year, members have the opportunity to nominate individuals, with nominations assessed by a panel of the General Committee.

ESCP fellows and the year they were awarded are


Dr. Henk Buurma, Netherlands.

Prof. Dr. Han de Gier, Netherlands.

Yolande Hanssens, Doha , Qatar.

Prof. Dr. Kurt Hersberger, Basle, Switzerland.

Prof. Stephen (‘Steve’) Hudson, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Moira Kinnear, Scotland, United Kingdom.


Erik Gerbrands, The Netherlands

Gert Laekeman, Belgium

Bert Leufkens, The Netherlands

Francesca Venturini, Italy


Ruud Dessing, The Netherlands

Yechiel (Chiel) Hekster, the Netherlands

Fikret Y. Izzettin, Turkey

Pat Murray, United Kingdom


Johnny Benney, Switzerland

Margarida Caramona, Portugal

Marie-Caroline Husson, France

Foppe van Mil, The Netherlands

Heidi Sørensen, Denmark/The Netherlands


Martin Henman, Ireland

Louise Mallet, Canada

Sam Salek, United Kingdom

Martin Schultz, Germany


Hannelore Kreckel, Germany

Piera Polidori, Italy


Georges Zelger, Switzerland


Marcel Bouvy, The Netherlands

Anne Gilchrist, United Kingdom


Anne Leendertse, The Netherlands

Mikael Daouphars, France

Siska Desplenter, Belgium


Markus Lampert, Switzerland

Mara Pereira Guerreiro, Portugal


Lilian Azzopardi, Malta


Daniela Scala, Italy

Vera Jordan-von Guten, Switzerland