ESCP launches calls for research grant applications from members to allow them to undertake research that has the potential to advance clinical pharmacy in Europe and beyond.

Who can apply?
All applicants must be ESCP members at the time of the application. Studies should involve a partnership of at least two European countries. Members of ESCP committees cannot apply for the ESCP Research Grant

What type of projects will be funded?
There are no restrictions, and all research designs and approaches will be considered. The maximum duration of the project is 24 months, including conducting the research, undertaking the analysis, and reporting.

Who will judge the grant applications?
Applications will be judged by the Chair of the Research Committee and ESCP Research Committee members. External reviewers may be invited if necessary.

What criteria will be applied to judge the grant applications? 
Applications will be judged based on novelty, clarity of content, strengths of the research methods, likelihood of completion of the study, the team of applicants and potential impact on clinical pharmacy and patient care in Europe.

The study findings are published in the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy.