Update from the General Committee (by Derek Stewart)

The General Committee is the ESCP leadership body and is responsible for driving the strategy of the society. We now have a vacancy for a position on the General committee. All non-student members will have received an email about this opportunity to make a major impact on ESCP and clinical pharmacy at the global level. Please consider this carefully and submit an application. The deadline is 01 September 2023.

We are delighted that to announce that we have recently signed a collaborative agreement with Polish Society of Clinical Pharmacy, with benefits for both societies. The number of national agreements is increasing; if you are involved with your national clinical pharmacy society and would like to explore partnership, then please get in touch. We continue to progress the establishment of the European Council for Pharmacy Education Accreditation (ECPhA) and will provide updates in future newsletters.

Update from the Education Committee (by Kateřina Malá Ládová)

In Summer 2023, EdCom welcomed a new member from Germany representing ESCP General Commitee. Dr. Martina Hahn will support working of EdCom and connect the visions of GC into EdCom.

The EdCom strategic plan for 2023 is ongoing, especially autumn webinars organized by EdCom are coming. In September, the webinar will be focused on increase awareness for pharmacy professionals on public health disasters and emergencies.

In October, the webinar will be held on behalf of EdCom and is hosting an expert panel discussion focused on:

1) Experiential learning – its integration into the undergraduate curriculum, and strategies to support and optimize its impact;

2) Continuing Professional Development – analysis of the current challenges and opportunities regarding access, implementation and evaluation.

Update from the Special Interest Group (SIG) Council (by Bart Pouls)

In the background ESCP is are working on communication within SIGs to facilitate the sharing and building of ideas on clinical pharmacy. During the conference in Aberdeen, all three SIGs will showcase themselves and have a slot within the program where you can hear what’s happening and become a member too!

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