A position paper from the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy defining ‘clinical pharmacy’ and its relationship to pharmaceutical care has very recently been published in the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy. The paper is available open access at  https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11096-022-01422-7

Developed following a consultation exercise amongst ESCP members, the position paper clarifies that clinical pharmacy (1) represents both a professional practice and feld of research, (2) aims to optimise the utilisation of medicines in order to achieve person-centered and public health goals, (3) as a practice encompasses cognitive, managerial and interpersonal activities targeting all stages of the medicines use process, and as a feld of research generates knowledge that informs clinical decision-making, health care organisation or policy, (4) as a practice is restricted to pharmacists, (5) can be practiced regardless of setting, and (6) encompasses pharmaceutical care but is not restricted to it.