Optimizing Patient Care: Administering Psychotropic Medications via Enteral Route

Mental Health SIG

Colleagues from the ESCP Special Interest Group Mental Health have prepared a very useful leaflet on Optimizing Patient Care: Administering Psychotropic Medications via Enteral Route.

Psychotropic medication users, including inpatient and outpatient individuals such as geriatrics, nursing home and intensive care unit patients, may require enteral feeding tubes (EFTs) when oral intake is
inadequate or gastrointestinal tract access is limited.
The aim of this leaflet is to provide essential information and valuable resources specifically focused on psychotropics administered via the enteral route.

Specific guidelines for psychotropic medications via the enteral route are currently lacking. Therefore, members of the ESCP Mental Health SIG have compiled a list of commonly used resources where you can find information about different medications.
Simply scan the QR code at the bottom of the leaflet to access these resources. If you know of any helpful resources that you have used in your country, please feel free to share them with us (sig.mentalhealth@escpweb.org). Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

European Council for Pharmacy Education Accreditation – ECPhA

The European Council for Pharmacy Education Accreditation (ECPhA) was officially launched in mid-November. The ESCP is a founding member of ECPhA, together with the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP).

ECPhA’s goal is to support improvements in the quality of continuing education in pharmacy practice in healthcare settings across Europe via accrediting live and online lifelong learning events. ECPhA will work in collaboration with national healthcare professional associations and accrediting bodies.

For more information about ECPhA and the accreditation process, please refer to the ECPhA brochure.

The ECPhA team will soon start the process of approaching national accreditation authorities to discuss potential recognition of ECPhA credits. Thus, we are identifying the contact persons in each country with the goal of asking for a first meeting. If you are in a position to have information regarding who within your country should be contacted, please let the ECPhA team (info@ecpha.eu) know so they can start building a contact database.

In addition, ECPhA is seeking pilot reviewers for the accreditation of the events. Reviewers will ensure that the event complies with ECPhA criteria. It is expected that a reviewer will spend around 3-4 hours per event on a voluntary basis for a maximum of 2 events per year. If interested, please email the ECPhA team (info@ecpha.eu) for further information.

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