ESCP Webinars:
Get inspired by your European colleagues!

New! Six inspiring webinars about actual topics in Clinical Pharmacy. Within the network of ESCP, we have various experienced experts who love to share their knowledge with you.

 Therefore, the ESCP has started a series of six webinars. These webinars combine theory with daily practice. So you will not only learn why you should do things, but also how. 

Each webinar starts at 19:00 CEST and will end at 20:30 CEST. 

So join our experts in the webinars, and get inspired!

Webinar topics 2021:

- 24 June: eHealth

- 5 July: Clinical pharmacy in cardiology

- 7 September: Antithrombotic stewardship

- 4 October: Pharmacogenetics in psychopharmacotherapy

- 18 November: Communication skills

- 14 December: Antimicrobial Stewardship


from € 25,- per webinar

  • For titles and speakers, see the webshop
  • Webinars are € 25,- each for members. Non-members pay € 47,-
  • So, when you become a member you immediately have the benefit! 
  • Unfortunately no student rates since these rates are already very low
  • Alas, no CE-points available for these webinars
  • Registration can be done in our webshop via the Registration button below