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4 October 2022: Webinar : Hospital to home: enhancing safety & improving patient experience


The link to the registration for the webinar will be sent separately one day before the event.




Hamde Nazar. MPharmS PhD SFHEA

Director of Education, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, School of Pharmacy, Newcastle University, UK

Learning objectives

After the webinar, participants should be able to:

  • Articulate and understand the contextual issues that impact the safety and patient experience of hospital to home transitions
  • Understand the evidence base around strategies/interventions implemented to improve safety and care
  • Appreciate the significance of implementation and behavioural science in the design and evaluation of interventions to improve hospital to home transitions of care



This webinar aims to discuss the contextual factors that influence the safety and patient experience of hospital to home transitions and evidence-based strategies for improvement.

Care transitions, such as returning home after a hospital stay, threaten patient safety as there is a risk of losing or transferring incorrect clinical information and there is a requirement for a good level of coordination.

There is no easy solution to providing safer care transitions. A range of interventions may be needed at different levels of the healthcare system (micro; service delivery, meso; organisational, macro; system level). Interventions will vary and need adapting to the contextual factors that influence the care transitions.

Implementation and behavioural science offer invaluable lenses to help identify what works, for whom and in what circumstances. This webinar will review some of the issues of hospital to home care transitions and explore the evidence-based strategies and interventions that have successfully improved safety and patient care.


Dr Hamde Nazar is Senior Lecturer of Pharmacy Practice and Health Services at the School of Pharmacy, Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. She has an extensive research portfolio investigating the contribution of pharmacy to the wider healthcare system. This has included research in integrating pharmacy primary care services to improve patient care transitions from hospital home, accessing care for minor ailments and evidence-based provision of public health services from community pharmacy. This work has been funded through local and national funding streams. Her work has employed qualitative methods and consensus methodologies. This has been underpinned with and informed by behavioural and implementation sciences. Her work has informed changes to national pharmacy policy and practice. Hamde is also the Director for Education, leading innovation and scholarly activity within the School of Pharmacy. She has an extensive educational and pedagogical publication list and has successful awards for projects in this area.


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